Qt World Summit 2016 showcased cross-industry references to help spur innovation. Check out the demos featured this year! Whether you’re looking for electric super car IVI and clusters, IoT in medical, wearable consumer electronics, trackable data visualization, faster system boot time or more —there were a lot to see this year including, but not limited to:

Qt Lite and the Qt Device Creation workflow 

Discover the new features, changes and improvements brought by the Qt Lite project in Qt 5.8. 

– New Configuration architecture

– Create optimized builds of Qt in not time

– Discover all the possibilities available

– New Graphical Qt Configuration tooling

– Share configurations and move products to market faster than ever

– Qt running on the new NXP i.MX7 architecture

Qt for IoT is here. Faster, smaller and more impressive than ever before


Qt for Device Creation Workflow 

– Boot to Qt

– Qt Quick Compiler

– Qt Quick 2D Renderer

– Qt Lite Configuration Tools

– Qt Quick Controls 2

– Embedded Debugging and Profiling tools

Watch Qt Lite in action


Qt for IoT 

Optimize IoT Cloud Connectivity with Qt 5 & VxWorks 7

– Secure device and data management

– Device-to-cloud data aggregation for Internet of Things & devices

– Data analytics and operational visibility to improve your business

– Extend comprehensive graphics solutions with Qt

– Enable rich user interfaces with OpenGL support on various target hardware



Apple TV with Qt

Create Experiences that connect to and immerse users on Apple TV with Qt

– high performance graphics with Qt Quick & QML

– Displaying sample apps Built with Qt such as qt 3D Planets demo and games

– Apple TV running tvOS 10

– Apple A8 64-bit ARM based systems on a chip (SoC)

– Apps & Multiplayer Games on iOS, Apple TB and Android by V-play



iOS and watchOS with Qt

Create experiences  that integrate with existing codebases on iOS and watchOS

– Apple Watch Series 1 running watchOS 3

– Apple S1P 32-bit ARM based system in a package (SIP)

– Displaying watch app controlling Qt 3D Planets over the local network



Virtual Reality Stargazing with Qt

– iPhone 5s running iOS 10

– Google Cardboard compatible VR viewer

– Space exploration app built with Qt Quick and Qt Canvas 3D

– Uses accelerometer



Qt on Android Wear

Easily Kickstart Qt for wearables with Qt 5.7

– Asus Zenwatch 2 with Qt 5.7 on top of Android Wear

– Running Qt Quick Apps on limited screen space

– Easily communicated with the server using web sockets

– 1.63” AMOLED Touch Screen Display and leveraging OpenGL for hardware acceleration

– Motion and gesture detection with Qt Quick to control user interfaces

Watch Qt on Android Wear


Qt <3 Computer Vision

Unleash the possibilities of computer vision with Qt

– Demo showcasing example of replacing your eyes with a Qt logo

– Simple and straightforward Qt Quick UI

– Qt Multimedia for accessing and displaying the camera output

– OpenCV for feature detection




Write your business logic as finite state machines with Qt 5.8

  • Compile SCXML documents into C++ ahead of time, or load theta runtime
  • Easy integration into C++ and QML code via Qt properties and signals
  • Visual editor for SCXML will be part of Qt Creator 4.2



Connected & Advanced Desktop 3D Printer

Formlabs Form2 Desktop 3D Printer

– Extensive use of Qt libraries for desktop application logic

– 2D user interface layer on top of an OpenGL few for 3D data visualization

– Rapid UI development with Qt Quick & time savings with cross-platform code reuse



Qt Quick Controls

Save time developing user interfaces by utilizing a library of ready-made controls with different styles which you also can easily customize.

– new Qt Quick Controls for modern UI controls with a performance boost

– Dynamic touch interface with fluid transitions

– Utilizing Qt Quick controls optimized for mobile and embedded devices



Qt Future Multiscreen UI 

Concept application for Car Instrument Cluster and Infotainment display running in same HW. The Qt Company uses this demonstration application to research different UI concepts in vehicle instrument clusters and IVI systems and to integrate different Qt technologies relevant especially to automotive industry.



– 2 FullHD displays (1920×1080)

– Qt for Device Creation Embedded Linux



Fast booting Qt devices

In many industries, there is a clear need for fast boot-up times. For example, in the automotive digital instrument clusters, it is crucial to start as quickly as possible: When the car is started, the instrument cluster needs to be up, running and reacting almost immediately. Besides fluent user experience, this is also something controlled by official safety requirements.

Steps for achieving fast boot:

– Measure and select correct hardware

– Optimize operating system by stripping away parts that are not needed

– Optimize the application asset (e.g. 3D models) sizes

– Start most important parts first and use lazy loading

– Leverage static linking if that provides better result in your SW & HW configurationIn this demo setup we are booting Qt Instrument cluster in 1.2 seconds in Toradex Apalis i.MX 6 Computer on Module.

Hardware specifications:

– NXP i.MX 6 Quad core processor, running at 1GHz


– KOE 12,3″ HSXGA (1280×480) Display module

– Qt for Device Creation Linux



Qt in Large Format Scanning

Integrated walk up Large Format Scanner with Qt 5.5

– Intel Atom quad core processor with 7’’ touch screen

– Running Yocto with QT Linux Embedded

– Webview for modern  user experience

– Scan to printer, email, usb key, cloud and PC



Blurb® BookWright® built using Qt C++ framework

BookWright® is a cross platform desktop application that allows users to design any kind of print book, magazine, or ebook.

– Extensive use of Qt GUI for displaying and creating users creations.

– BookWright® is localized and internationalized in 10 languages.

– Use of Qt Network API to upload users creations to Blurb’s backend system.

– QGraphicsView APIs allow the same rendering code that draws the book on screen to also render PDF, guaranteeing a WYSIWYG experience.

– Provide users the ability to create enhanced ebooks using QtMultimedia.

– Reuse of Blurb.com style guide by styling app using Qt Style Sheets.



Qt for Bluescape

– Bluescape software powers collaboration on touch screen brands such as 3M, Optika, Sharp, Planar, and MultiTaction

– Enables visual, real-time collaboration in the cloud using Qt Core features

– Qt/C++, Qt Quick2, Qt WebSockets & Qt WebEngine to leverage HTML5 features

– QPA interfacing the custom built window manager (24 screens max)



EDIS Interactive kinematic analysis for deep interactivity

Enabling motion capture for body kinematic analysis with QtQuick

– Live motion capture with easy QtQuick integration

– Full or partial skeleton data at +120Hz refresh rate

– For cinematic-style user interfaces on custom setups, TV Broadcast live interaction, sports performance analysis, rehabilitation of patients after stroke, and fun & games



Rimac Concept_One Infotainment

Advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI) and Instrument Clusters

– Intuitive design to show the telemetry data via graphs and graphics, the state of all of the car’s systems and numerous other functions

– Built with Qt 5.7 using Qt Quick & QML for UIs

– Boot to Qt with Toradex system on module (SOM) • Toradex Apalis i.MX6 System on Module
NXP ® i.MX6 Quad Core ARM Cortex ™ A9 • 2 GB DDR RAM

– 4 GB Flash Memory

– -40° to 85° C



Dolby Conference Phone with Qt

Hear Every Dimension with Dolby Voice’s In-Person Experience and Anywhere Access.

– Conference Service Application Framework (CSAF) allowing multiple service provider partners integrated their services by developing device app using Qt/QML

– End to end HD audio quality and Dolby noise reduction

– Spatial voice separation allowing natural conversation

– Anywhere access via desktop, embedded device and mobile

– QML/JS conferencing app downloaded over network from app deployment server

– Connectivity APIs based on QML XMLHttprequest and QWebSockets

– Cloud deployment model provides rapid development, quick release cycles and modern software management experience



Tableau & Qt for Desktop

Your data, only hotter.

– Qt 5 running on Windows10 (or other OS)

– Running Qt Quick Applications

– Easily define data with clusters, cross data source filters, advanced analytics and more

– Cross-database join and publish to Tableau Online or Tableau Server for collaboration

– Stunning visual defaults, smart user interfaces, and effective l design for more impact



Qt Automotive Suite provided by The Qt Company, KDAB and Pelagicore

– Neptune reference HMI

– Qt 3D with physics based rendering (PBR)

– Runtime introspection with GammaRay

– Multi-process application management and composition




– High-level introspection tool for Qt applications

– Insight into Qt Quick and Qt 3D scene graphs

– Visual state machine debugger

– Inspect models, layouts, rendering and much more


We also had security cameras, e-bikes, robots and much more in the Qt Garage this year. Contact us if you have any questions or like to learn more!