The Qt World Summit Blog is having a 2 part post on pre-conference day on Tuesday, October 18 provided by ICS & KDAB.


KDAB, the maker of Qt3D and the world’s largest independent source of Qt knowledge, is very pleased to offer you four of its world class, practical programming training courses at this year’s Qt World Summit in San Francisco, California.  KDAB also excels in C++ and is a leading provider of OpenGL and C++11/C++14 training.  The real-life expertise and development experience of our instructors, coupled with our regularly updated training materials, will keep you balanced on a tight rope to success.

What’s New in C++11/C++14?
Are you a C++ developer looking to bring the benefits of the new features of C++11 and C++14 into Qt5?  One of our most popular courses, What’s New in C++11 and C++14 will show you where to focus for optimum results and get you comfortable with the language and standard library changes that C++11 and C++14 bring to the table. You will finish this training with the skills that you need to make your applications run faster and use less memory.

Debugging and Profiling for Qt
Are you looking to rapidly improve bug detection and pinpoint performance issues?  This training will introduce and explore a range of tools, from those designed for general purpose CPU profiling and debugging to Qt-specific high-level analyzers.  At the end of this exploration, including hands-on testing and advice on your specific needs, you will know which tool is best for which job and have a sharpened eye for understanding results, with huge time savings.

Model/View Programming
This training will give you a head start with model-view, featuring best practices acquired in the field and constantly updated.  Learn how to separate the business logic from the user interface, get the added flexibility of being able to access a wide range of data sources with existing item views, and customize the presentation of items.You will be able to implement more smoothly and debug more effectively as a result of this training.

Introduction to Qt3D
Did you know that with Qt 3D you can quickly and easily build, render and interact with 3D scenes using either C++ or QML APIs? In this training you will learn, from one of its key creators, why Qt 3D is such an amazing breakthrough. Discover the many things Qt 3D can do to help you develop a Qt 3D application, find out about the future of Qt 3D and how you can extend it. This training is the key to making huge improvements in the appearance of your applications.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our training classes!
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