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Another Brick In The Wall: developing large-scale user interfaces with Qt

Beijing Room October 19, 2016 2:40 pm - 3:05 pm

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Romain Pokrzywka

The ever-increasing size and affordability of flat screen panels combined with advances in display and touch technology has opened up a new class of user experience: large-scale, multi-touch, multi-user, natural-feel user interfaces blurring the boundary between physical and digital worlds. One example is Bluescape’s visual collaboration Wall: a finger-and-pen touch surface, scalable from a single 30″ display to configurations reaching 400″ of visual space, and using a groundbreaking user interface powered by Qt. Thanks to its rich API and powerful platform integration capabilities, Qt offers a great development framework that scales beyond desktop, embedded and mobile to this new class of user experience. This session will offer insights into the architecture and challenges associated with large-scale systems, as well as Qt usage examples: graphics and input stacks, cross-client support, A/V conferencing, etc.