Deep Tech Qt Roadmap Tomorrow

Porting from Qt WebKit to Qt WebEngine – a hands-on guide.

Helsinki Room October 20, 2016 4:00 pm - 4:55 pm

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Allan Sandfeld Jensen

The Qt WebEngine module integrates Chromium into Qt. It replaces the now deprecated Qt WebKit module. While the efforts to keep the changes between the two modules’ APIs as small as possible were successful in most parts, Qt WebEngine is not a drop in replacement because some API could not simply be ported, and some users are facing difficulties when porting their applications. This is mainly due to the different process architectures: while the Qt WebKit C++ APIs are running the rendering engine in the same process as the application, this is not possible in Qt WebEngine, as Chromium uses a multi-process architecture for improving stability and security. This talk will give an overview of the most common differences that application developers need to adjust to when porting their application from Qt Webkit to Qt WebEngine. It also aims to provide hands-on solutions to these problems and give guidance on how to work around features that Qt WebEngine simply cannot offer in the same way as Qt WebKit. Where time allows, a deeper look into the reasons for some changes will be taken. Last but not least, it will show some of the many features that Qt WebEngine supports that were not available in Qt WebEngine.