Built with Qt Deep Tech OpenGL

Smooth sailing with OpenGL ES and QML

Tokyo Room October 19, 2016 12:45 pm - 1:10 pm

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Jeremy Stott

BEP Marine manufactures a range of high quality electrical solutions designed for marine and recreational vehicles. CZone, their market leading digital switching technology, utilizes the industry standard NMEA2000 network to control all electrical systems on the vessel or vehicle. Dedicated touch screens and compatible Garmin, Furuno or Navico multifunction displays offer single touch control over hundreds of individual circuits. CZone brings the convenience of home automation to boats and recreational vehicles designed for the harsh marine and outdoor environments.

One of the biggest challenges for the Auckland based engineering team is developing and maintaining software for the many different platforms. Software for micro controllers, embedded Linux, mobile and desktop platforms all need to be synchronized and kept to a high standard. This is where Qt is able to provide the team with the advantage. Embedded, mobile and desktop platforms are able to share the same source code drastically reducing the amount of work (and mistakes!).

Currently the team is updating the user interface across the three platforms using Qt to provide a consistent experience for consumers. This presentation will explore the user interface development process from artwork to implementation for a few key user interface elements. Take a look at a cross platform build and deploy process. How QML enables rapid feedback from the stakeholders, and custom components rendered with OpenGL give full control over the graphics hardware. Various rendering methods are demonstrated and compared.

With 6 battery banks, 172 DC circuits, 35 AC circuits, two generators, two shore power connections, four battery chargers and an inverter, managing the on board systems on the flagship Riviera 77 motor yacht is a complex task! This talk aims to give you a glimpse into how CZone uses Qt to make it easy.