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Taking Control of and Owning Your HMI – Design, Build and Innovate

Oslo Room October 19, 2016 2:10 pm - 2:35 pm

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Stefan Balkowiec

Today manufacturers are struggling to innovate and keep up with Consumer Electronics innovation cycles. The question is why can CE devices run faster cycles than cars? Well, the car is a more complex system that requires more integration, that is one part of the challenge however. The current models of engagement most automotive OEMs have when it comes to HMI can be summarised into two types are the main culprit:

1. A traditional Tier 1 HW and SW solution, which means that the OEM in effect has to start from scratch every 3 years when delivering their IVI system, each time having to retest functionality like Tuner and Media Player as it’s from a new supplier.

2. Owning their own HMI platform and framework, which requires massive investment and has a high cost of ownership due to having to build and manage the framework in addition to actually the HMI and UX.

Both models make innovation either difficult or too expensive to sustain continuous innovation as we see in the CE market vertical.

This talk will introduce a new way to HMI ownership, including a pre-cooked platform that allows the automotive OEMs to build the HMI once (for media, BT, tuner etc) test it, and then innovate into new areas – instead of constantly having to re-integrate the same features onto new HW / SW platforms every new product cycle.