Qt Roadmap Tomorrow Strategy

Where Qt is going – Qt Lite Overview

Helsinki Room October 20, 2016 11:00 am - 11:25 am

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Nils Christian-Nielson
Lars Knoll

In the Qt organization, we have a strong focus on where we want to be, not just now, but also a few years down the line. But the development needs to go into such solutions a year or two from now, must start today. As such, Qt Lite is the beginning of the future of Qt. In this talk, I will highlight some of the reasons we chose to focus on Qt Lite, cover what Qt Lite is and is supposed to be, and give some examples of business cases that Qt Lite will enable in the future. Qt Lite is also developed in close collaboration with our partners and customers, aiming at improving Qt as much as possible, and making it the technology of choice also in new products, markets and device types.