5-6 December 2018


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

  • Training
08:00 Registration and coffee
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Profiling and Debugging for Linux
Introduction to Qt/QML
Introduction to CMake
Qt GUI Testing with Squish
Modern C++: What's New in C++ 17?
Effective 3D in Qt
Multithreading in Qt
QML Apps Architecture
17:00 Networking and Drinks

Thursday, December 6, 2018

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Graphics and 3D
  • Keynote
  • Technical Deep Dive
08:00 Registration and coffee
Welcome to Qt World Summit Berlin
Tuukka Ahoniemi, Senior Vice President, Strategy at The Qt Company
Recent Developments and Future Outlook of Qt
Lars Knoll, CTO at The Qt Company
Beyond the UX Tipping Point
Jared Spool, Maker of Awesomeness at Center Centre/UIE
10:30 Coffee
The Invisible Touch
Murat Günak, Former Head of Design at Peugeot, Mercedes passenger cars and Volkswagen Group
Customer Keynote Omron: Let’s teach machines to be self-aware
Michel Min, Global Marketing Manager IPC at Omron
Customer Keynote: Daimler
Mykhaylo Chayka, Head of UI/UX development at MBition Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab at Daimler
Customer Keynote LG Electronics: webOS, the long journey to the open source and beyond
Joseph Park, Sr. Director for webOS Platform at LG Electronics
Sunghyun Cho, Product Manager for webOS Open Source at LG Electronics
Customer Keynote: LivaNova
Claudio Laddaga, Team lead at LivaNova
12:30 Lunch
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Introducing the new Qt Designer and Developer Workflow
Brook Cronin Thomas Hartmann, Senior Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Streamlined Integration of 3D Content straight from 3DS Max and Blender into Qt3D
James Turner, Senior Software Engineer and team lead at KDAB
Qt on Microcontrollers
Santtu Ahonen, Product manager at The Qt Company
Current Trends in Automotive HMI
Roman Leykin, Product Manager at HARMAN
Mastering Qt for Python in 20 min
Cristián Maureira-Fredes, Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Fighting Driving Distraction
Fabrizio Monaco, Product Manager at TomTom
Qt for WebAssembly - Running Qt Apps in a Web Browser
Morten Sørvig, Senior Software Engineer at The Qt Company
KDAB's Opensource Tools for Qt
Milian Wolff, Senior Software Engineer at KDAB
Optimizing Qt Quick Applications (for memory and CPU usage)
Simon Hausmann, Principal Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Design Ops in Automotive - How Qt Helps us Manage Effective Technical Design of HMI at Scale
Väinö Leskinen, Chief International Growth Officet at Siili Solutions
15:00 Break
QWidget Best Practices
Shawn Rutledge, Senior Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Let Automated GUI Testing Drive your Qt Development
Harri Porten, CEO at froglogic
Internationalization and Localization Best Practices
Kai Koehne, Senior manager R&D, The Qt Company
Reference UI by Qt Automotive Suite - The Neptune 3 UI
Bramastyo Harimukti, Senior Software Developer at Luxoft
Meet Qt Quick Table View and Friends
Shawn Rutledge, Senior Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Using Qt 3D Studio to Design High-end User Experience on Embedded Arm Devices
Stefan Eichenberger, Field Application Engineer at Toradex
Qt in Automation - Updates and Trends
Michele Rossi, Product Manager at The Qt Company
Incorporating Alexa Voice Recognition into your Qt Application
Roland Krause, Engineering Director at ICS
Get the Most out of Qt Creator IDE
Ivan Donchevskii, Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Extending webOS compositor to various products
Jaeyoon Jung, Lead developer for webOS graphics at LG Electronics
Optimizing Graphical Assets of 2D and 3D Qt Applications
Michael Winkelmann, Senior Software Engineer at The Qt Company
Customized and Precise Turn by Turn Navigation with Mapbox Auto on Qt
Bruno Abinader, Software Engineer at Mapbox Denis Grahovac, Software Engineer at Rimac Automobili
17:15 Networking and Drinks

*Agenda details may be subject to change.