5-6 November 2019


Monday, November 4, 2019

  • Training
08:00 Registration and coffee
  A03 A04 A05 A06 B05 B07 B09 C01
Modern OpenGL: Advanced Pipeline and Performance
Introduction to Qt3D Studio
Introduction to CMake
Qt GUI Testing with Squish
Modern C++ - What's New in C++17?
Multithreading in Qt
Profiling & Debugging for Linux
Introduction to QML
10:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Coffee Break

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

  • Application Development 1
  • Application Development 2
  • Automation
  • Graphics & 3D
  • Keynote
  • Qt & Technical Deep Dive
  • Tooling & Testing
08:30 Registration
Welcome to QtWS19
Juha Varelius, The Qt Company
Customer Keynote: Rimac Automobili - Cars - Technology, Passion, Art, Science
Mate Rimac, Rimac Automobili
Customer Keynote: LG Electronics - Future of Connected Cars and webOS Auto
Helen Choi, LG Electronics
Keynote: How Chrome is Empowering Desktop Web Apps
Thomas Nattestad, Google
Keynote: The Psychology Behind Great User Experience
Nathalie Nahai, Web psychologist and author
11:30 Break
Qt Keynote: Lars Knoll
Lars Knoll, The Qt Company
13:00 Lunch
  A03 A05 B05 B07 B09 C01
A Deep Dive into Qt CAN Bus
Burkhard Stubert, Consultant
Qt and The Web - Where Are We Today?
Frank Meerkötter, basysKom
Code Once, Deploy Everywhere. Can It Be That Simple?
Becky Worledge, The Qt Company
QStringView — Past, Present, and Future
Marc Mutz, KDAB
How to Create a Plugin For Qt Creator
Davide Coppola, Viking Software
The State and Future Directions of the Qt Graphics Stack
Laszlo Agocs, The Qt Company
Pushing the Performance with Qt
Jordi Pujol Foyo, Viking Software
QML Component Design: the two-way binding problem
André Somers, KDAB
Introducing Qt CoAP
Alex Blasche, The Qt Company
The Future is Qt - Accelerated Development Model with Ubuntu Core and Snaps
Igor Ljubuncic, Canonical
How to Improve Productivity & Efficiency with Qt on Mobile, Desktop & Embedded
Christian Feldbacher, FELGO
Fast C++-to-QML Properties
Simon Davydov, Sukhoi JSC
Practical Application Scripting With QML
Kevin Krammer, KDAB
Qt Lottie Will Change Your Life
Becky Worledge, The Qt Company
15:30 Coffee Break
Industrial integration out of the box - Qt OPC UA
Frank Meerkötter, basysKom
Object-Relational Mapping with Qt
Dmitriy Purgin, Sequality
Integrating Custom Widgets With Qt Designer
Vitaly Fanaskov, The Qt Company
Verdigris: Using Qt Without moc.
Olivier Goffart, Woboq
Model Models: Tools for Making Better Behaved Models
André Somers, KDAB
Unifying 2D and 3D in Qt Quick
Andy Nichols, The Qt Company
Migrating from MFC to Qt
Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos, KDAB
QML Architechture & Design
Bo Thorsen, Viking Software
Type Driven User Interfaces with Qt and C++
Andreas Reischuck, HicknHack Software
Building a Qt Application with Modern CMake and vcpkg
Alexandru Croitor, The Qt Company
HomeChef: A Qt Consumer Electronics Demonstrator
Sumer Bains, Verolt Engineering Limited
How to Build QML Apps for webOS and Qt Creator webOS Plugin
Yunkwan Kim, LG Electronics
Rust Binding for Qt / QML
Olivier Goffart, Woboq
Qt Professional Services for customers - How We Help You To Succeed With Your Product Development
17:30 Cocktails and party - Celebrating KDAB's 20th anniversary

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

  • Application Development 1
  • Automotive
  • Embedded
  • Graphics & 3D
  • Keynote
  • Python
  • Qt & Technical Deep Dive
  • Tooling & Testing
Contributing to Qt; Breakfast Session
Lars Knoll, The Qt Company
Tuukka Turunen, The Qt Company
Keynote: Trend Micro
Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro
Customer Keynote: unu - How to Build an Automotive Company From Scratch
Mathieu Caudal, unu
Customer Keynote: Caliatys - Qt & Hydrogen Mobility: Feedback on Mobile Application Design
Nicolas Louis, Caliatys
Customer Keynote: Top Control - Bridging Sensor Gaps in Industrial Automation and IIOT
Johannes Lochmann, Top Control
10:30 Break
  A03 A05 B05 B07 B09 C01
How to Introduce a Certified Safety Critical Cockpit Controller Based on Hypervisor and Linux / Android in to The New Generation of Vehicles
Tero Salminen, OpenSynergy
Put your Application in a Container and Ship it to Many Embedded Devices
Valter Minute & Stefan Eichenberger, Toradex
Qt Design Studio Bridging the Gap
Thomas Hartmann, The Qt Company
Testing Your Code for Security Issues With Automated Fuzzing
Albert Astals Cid, KDAB
Qt for WebAssembly
Morten Sørvig, The Qt Company
Qt for MCUs - A Deep Dive
Simon Hausmann, The Qt Company
Qt in University Education for Automotive Engineers
Torsten Wylegala, Ostfalia University of Applied Science
Improving Your Code Using Clang Tooling
Kevin Funk, KDAB
3 Tips to Create Minimal but Professional Documentation
Kavindra Palaraja, Luxoft
Automotive Trends and Opportunities For HMI
Miao Luo, The Qt Company
Qt for Python on Embedded Systems
Valter Minute & Stefan Eichenberger, Toradex
QTQuick in Autodesk VRED – Next-Level Immersive Design Experience in the early stage of the Product Design Process
Pascal Seifert, Autodesk Markus Keller, Autodesk
A Feature Complete Web Browser in a Cross-Platform Application? It's Already Here, Out of the Box!
Denis Gofman, Viking Software
High End UIs for Low End Devices
Przemyslaw Nogaj, Siili Solutions
12:30 Lunch
ECU Development Workflow with Qt & Yocto
Andreas Cord-Landwehr, CLAAS E-Systems
webOS: Multiple Displays using Qt
Jaeyoon Jung, LG Electronics
Optimizing the Rendering of Qt Quick 2 applications
Giuseppe D’Angelo, KDAB
Full-stack Tracing With LTTng
Milian Wolff, KDAB
Secrets of Successful Mobile Business Apps with Qt
Ekkehard Gentz, Qt Champion
QObject Deep Dive
Bo Thorsen, Viking Software
Practical Aspects of Using Qt 3D Design Studio
Roman Leykin, HARMAN
Qt Quick on low-end i.MX6 devices
Jeremias Bosch, basysKom
Testing (Your Patience) With Qt
Morten Jørgensen, Viking Software
Embedded Documentation with QML
Koen Poppe, Vandewiele
Re-Inventing Qt Core for the Next Decade With Qt 6
Lars Knoll, The Qt Company
14:30 Coffee Break
Intro to Qt for Python / Write Your First Data-based Application with Qt for Python in 0.01 days
Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes, The Qt Company
Introduction to the Yocto Embedded Framework
Jeff Tranter, ICS
What's new in Kuesa and Qt 3D?
Paul Lemire, KDAB
Git and Gerrit For Working With and On Qt
Kevin Funk, KDAB
QML/QtQuick Best Practices
Günter Schwann, Viking Software
The Future of QML
Ulf Hermann, The Qt Company
How to bring your C++ project to Python land
Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes, The Qt Company
Create a Qt 3D application for an embedded System
Stefan Eichenberger, Toradex
Qt 3D Node Editor and Shader Generator
Paul Lemire, KDAB
Automating Qt GUI Tests on Desktop, Web, Mobile and Embedded
Reginald Stadlbauer, froglogic
Qt Quick - What Could Possibly Go Wrong...
Jeremias Bosch, basysKom
Utilizing Shiboken to Enhance your Qt for Python Application
Sharon Woods, The Qt Company
Designing UI Architecture for Embedded Devices with Qt and QML
Bramastyo Harimukti, Luxoft Automotive
Improvements Customer Pain Points on 3D Scene
Kwanghyo Park, The Qt Company
Introducing a New OS for Qt: Lindows... or is it Winux?
Romain Pokrzywka, Bluescape Software
Aim High: How to Make Top Quality Qt Applications
Alexander Leutgoeb, FELGO Christian Feldbacher, FELGO
Qt Based Threading
Bo Thorsen, Viking Software
Testing PySide/PyQt Code Easily Using the Pytest Framework
Florian Bruhin, Bruhin Software
Qt On The Second Screen
Christoph Sterz, KDAB
QSkinny - A New Approach for a QtQuick Framework
Peter Hartmann, Edelhirsch Software
Testing & Profiling Qt on Android
Bogdan Vatra, KDAB
Working with QtQuick and Python on Real-Life Robotics UI
Alexander Rössler, Machine Koder

*Agenda details may be subject to change.