Application Development 1

Embedded Documentation with QML

B09 6.11.2019 14:00 - 14:30

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Koen Poppe
Koen Poppe

Creating and translating software manuals is a labor-intensive matter. A wasted effort, one may argue, considering most end-users will rarely read the printed copy. This becomes even more difficult when targeting highly customized machines. Keeping manuals up to date and translated has proven to be a logistic nightmare. Using the declarative style of QML, we have embedded our manual into the package. Introspection allows the installed software to present the documentation itself while Qt tools help with the translations. This results in relevant contextual help and clear instructions right when and where the user needs it. We also provide a web-based export that is far more than a static manual. We are working towards a fully interactive knowledge base where after-sales support, technicians, and end-users can share experiences and help each other to unlock the full potential of our products.