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A Feature Complete Web Browser in a Cross-Platform Application? It’s Already Here, Out of the Box!

B09 6.11.2019 12:00 - 12:30

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Denis Gofman
Denis Gofman
Viking Software

The variety of modules provided by Qt is so wide, a rare project uses even half of it. Except well knowns which one can meet in almost any Qt-based project – Qt Core, GUI, Test – there are some modules and add-ons which are specific to project scope. Being focused on desktop or embedded applications it could take years to get in touch with Qt Multimedia or Qt SQL. One of such relatively rarely used Qt add-ons is WebEngine. It’s a powerful tool that not only allows to render the downloaded HTML but brings support for modern web technologies into your desktop application. Starting with an overview of its history we’ll review general structure and architecture of the module; Available components and features and how to use them to get access to a web stored data; How to organize the interaction with a web document and get access to its DOM dynamically; Some tricks to improve the development flow and examples of combining the power of desktop with the flexibility of web on the top of Qt features. Take a chance to get a closer glance on the rare gem of Qt with usage examples from real life projects.