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Git and Gerrit For Working With and On Qt

B07 6.11.2019 15:00 - 15:30

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Kevin Funk
Kevin Funk

A basic knowledge of Git is essential if you want to apply patches back to Qt or try out a not yet released version of Qt. In this talk we’re going through the most basic bits about modern software development with the code version control system Git. Beginning with the basic concepts, such as the initial setup, checking out code we will show how to manage and commit changes as well as navigate through the Git history. After having done that, we will show how to get started with the code review system in place for the Qt ecosystem, Gerrit. As part of this talk we’ll discuss how to set up your Gerrit account, how to upload your SSH keys and how to configure your Git checkout to be ready to work with Gerrit. We’ll do a small change on Qt module checkout, verify we did not break existing functionality, and then submit our change for review. This course is platform-agnostic, so the learned knowledge could be applied on either Windows, Linux or macOS. Course Contents – Initial setup and checkout of Git repositories – Managing and committing changes – Navigating through Git history – Collaboration via Gerrit code review and similar systems