Application Development 1

How to Improve Productivity & Efficiency with Qt on Mobile, Desktop & Embedded

B05 5.11.2019 15:00 - 15:30

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Christian Feldbacher
Christian Feldbacher

All product teams face the same issues: software applications should be developed as fast as possible. Although complexity of applications rise, development speed is expected to accelerate as well. And all this while keeping a high quality standard for code, performance, UI and UX.

In this talk, you will find a solution to these challenges: you will learn how to BETTER USE the time developers spend on writing software. You will learn how to increase efficiency of software teams by using Qt-specific tools and frameworks, and by applying general productivity tips to accelerate your software development process with Qt. We will share our learnings from more than 200 completed software projects based on Qt for Mobile, Desktop and Embedded from the past 10 years working on the leading edge of Qt.

Specifically, you will learn:

* How to optimize each step of the development lifecycle with hands-on tips for development, testing, distribution and maintenance

* How to use live code reload and hot code reload to develop faster

* Which components can help to accelerate your development process and how to find them

* CI/CD tips for Qt applications

* Automated testing tools and tips

* How to effectively distribute product updates

* How to measure and fix Qt application crashes in live environments

* How to analyze Qt application usage to improve the product

* General productivity tips for focused work and improved output

This talk is for both managers and software developers. The tips cover all platforms supported by Qt: Mobile, Desktop, Embedded and Web. Join and learn how to get more done in shorter time!