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Introduction to QML

C01 4.11.2019 09:00 - 17:00

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This training is an introduction to Qt Quick. On the one hand it will teach you how to compose fluid user interfaces with slick animations using the QML language. On the other hand it will teach you how you hook the QML side up to your business logic in C++.

Course contents:

Connecting a QML UX with C++ business logic
Complex list views including data provided from C++ models
Custom objects implemented using Qt Quick scene graph
Profiling and best practices for optimal performance
Why learn Qt/QML?
Why learn Qt QML?
Designed to take people new to Qt or QML, from the basics to a deep functional understanding of best practices, this Qt/QML training will equip you with the skills and know-how to boost your productivity at work.

Target Audience: Developers and managers interested in learning the autonomy of a QML application

Prerequisite: Knowing the basics of Qt at C++ level is an advantage but not a requirement

Trainer: Jan Marker
Software engineer at KDAB, Jan has been using Qt since 2009 when he started contributing to the KDE project. Since joining KDAB he has worked on multiple large Qt and QML projects, while more recently also developing Wayland compositors. Besides in-depth knowledge of Qt and C++, Jan also has a deep interest in other technologies like NodeJS. He holds a BSc in Computer Science