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Secrets of Successful Mobile Business Apps with Qt

B09 6.11.2019 13:30 - 14:00

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Ekkehard Gentz
Ekkehard Gentz
Qt Champion

Be surprised what kind of mobile business apps you can develop with Qt QuickControls2. This session is divided into three 5 – minutes – demos live on Android and iOS, a summary of the techniques used under-the-hood and 5 minutes Q&A. All Apps are working in real-life business and are highly complex, but hiding the complexity from the user and running extremely performant: QtQuickControls 2 with Material style (plus some secrets) is the key.
* App Demo “Goods Receipt with hands-free BLE Barcode Scanner”
* App Demo “Inpatient Care using BLE WaiterLock for fast and secure Login/Out”
* App Demo “Outpatient Care Tour Plan working smooth in bad-coverage-areas (Offline)”
* Techniques used under the hood:
+ Bluetooth LE (Barcode Scanner, WaiterLock, German Health Card Reader eGK)
+ Camera to capture wounds
+ Map – Navigation to next Mission using Google/Apple Maps
+ JSON DataModel mapped to QObject*
+ Smart Queue to survive Offline/Online changes
+ Easy App – Navigation (Drawer, Bottom Toolbar)
+ nearly 100% Qt C++/QML code – only some lines native (Android Java, ObjectiveC)

The world of x-platform mobile apps is increasing and perhaps you already looked at other frameworks (Xamarin, Flutter). This session makes your decision easier: Be impressed by Qt for mobile and start developing your own apps using Qt!