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Practical Application Scripting With QML

B09 5.11.2019 15:00 - 15:30

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Kevin Krammer
Kevin Krammer

In my talk “When all goes according to script” at Qt World Summit 2015 [1] I explored the fundamentals of using the QML environment for the purpose of in-application scripting. In this follow-up, I am going to look into more practical aspects, especially on how the powerful declarative approach in QML allows very easy handling of asynchronous scripting tasks. The format will be a series of live-demos with Qt applications which either have been extended with such a scripting environment or even which have been built specifically around this capability. Similar to the original talk the goal is to show once again that QML is a versatile and powerful component for all Qt application development, above and beyond the already established use case of building advanced UIs. [1]