Advanced Courses Training

Profiling & Debugging for Linux

B09 4.11.2019 09:00 - 17:00

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This training gives an introduction to various tools, which help developers and testers in finding bugs and performance issues. This variant of the training focuses on Linux. The tools presented cover a wide range of problems, from general purpose debugging and CPU profiling to Qt specific high-level analyzers. Often, it is relatively simple to run a tool, but interpreting the results, or even just using some of the more advanced tools, requires deep technical knowledge.

The following tools will be covered:


General purpose debugger: GDB
Record and replay, reverse debugging: RR
Memory error detectors: AddressSanitizer
Thread error detectors: ThreadSanitizer
Various Qt built-in features
GammaRay to investigate internals of Qt Applications
Static Code Analysis


CPU: Linux perf and hotspot
Heap memory: heaptrack
Target audience: Developers who want to find and fix problems

Prerequisite: Knowing the basics of C++ and Qt

Trainer: Milian Wolff
Senior software engineer at KDAB, Milian leads the R&D in tooling and profiling in which he has a special interest. Milian created Massif-Visualizer and heaptrack, both of which are now used regularly to improve the performance of C++ and Qt applications. When not applying his knowledge to improving code base performance for KDAB’s customers, Milian maintains QtWebChannel for the Qt Project and is co-maintainer of the KDevelop IDE. In 2015, Milian won KDE’s Akademy Award for his work on Clang integration. He has a Masters Degree in Physics