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Qt GUI Testing with Squish

A06 4.11.2019 09:00 - 17:00

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In order to achieve high-quality applications during the testing process, all the functionality of the software shall be covered, including fully exercising GUI itself. For regression testing automating this process gives benefits, saving execution time and increasing accuracy. On the other hand, GUI Automation might be a challenge, as GUI may change significantly during a product life cycle. In this course, we learn how to design and implement cross-platform automated tests using Squish GUI Tester for Qt, QML & QtQuick applications that continue to work as your product evolves.

You will learn:

Introduction to GUI Testing
Squish Overview (installation, configuration)
Test Script Creation and Execution
– Recording and Replaying Test Scripts
– Verification Points (Properties, Screenshot, Visual)
– Test Results and Logging
– Squish API
– Image-Based Lookup
– Set-Up and Tear-Down Functions
– Development of Test Cases at Business Level
Object Recognition
Debugging Test Scripts
Accessing Application Internals (Inspecting, Object Properties and Methods)
Squish Command-Line Tools
Hooking into Running Applications
Squish Integration with CI

Prerequisites: The course is for developers and testers already familiar with the basic concepts of Qt.

Trainer: Jakub Topolski
Jakub has worked in Quality Assurance since 2012. Over the years he has gained experience in manual, automatic and performance testing. A Python enthusiast, Jakub joined froglogic in 2016 to support Squish users, conduct trainings and consult. He graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology with a BSc in computer science.

This training is run by froglogic