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Qt Lottie Will Change Your Life

C01 5.11.2019 15:00 - 15:30

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Becky Worledge
Becky Worledge
The Qt Company

Lottie is a system to embed small graphics animations directly into applications. In the past, it was often necessary for engineers to recreate these animations in code, and embed them into the applications that way. Since the rise of the Lottie library this is no longer necessary: UX designers can now embed their designs into applications directly. The technology turns up often on mobile platforms, and makes complex micro-animations easy. Really easy. QtLottie is a new addition to the Qt framework, and provides a Qt-specific cross-platform implementation of the Lottie framework. This talk will introduce the technology to engineering teams, showing how to integrate the technology into their Uis. We look at why Lottie is so widely used already, and we dive into how it can be integrated into QtQuick applications, when it’s useful, and when it’s not.