Qt for Python on Embedded Systems

A05 6.11.2019 12:00 - 12:30

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Valter Minute & Stefan Eichenberger
Valter Minute & Stefan Eichenberger

The majority of Qt developers write applications for desktop machines. Compiling and debugging on such systems is comfortable and easy. Things get more complicated if you switch to an embedded system. You have to take care about toolchains, cross-compiling, cross-debugging, etc. Boot2Qt tries to addresses this issue but what if you could run the exact same application on an embedded system without recompiling it? Qt for Python could be the answer. It speeds up your development and allows you to prototype new features in a comfortable way. In this presentation, we will talk about what Qt for Python is, what you have to consider when using it on an embedded system and how Qt for Python can speed up your embedded development.