Qt Quick on low-end i.MX6 devices

A05 6.11.2019 14:00 - 14:30

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Jeremias Bosch
Jeremias Bosch

This presentation showcases best practices for the development of Qt Quick HMIs on low-end i.MX6 devices. The i.MX6, together with Linux, Qt and Qt Quick are a widespread combination for the development of modern, fluid, animated touch HMIs. It is used for applications such as in-car infotainment, industrial control, portable measurement devices or medical systems. But not all products can afford a high end i.MX6 with a dual or quad core CPU and a powerful GPU. Price sensitive applications will often be implemented with more affordable variants such as an i.MX6 dual lite or even smaller. These variants are less powerful – especially in terms of GPU power. Implementing a top of the line, beautiful HMI on a small i.MX6 can be a challenge. The lecture reflects our project experience with Qt Quick on small devices, in particular, the i.MX6 dual lite and SoloX. We will demonstrate examples extracted from real life projects code suffering performance problems and show how to resolve them. The audience will get a first set of dos and don’ts, kick-starting own Qt Quick projects on low-end hardware.