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Testing (Your Patience) With Qt

B07 6.11.2019 14:00 - 14:30

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Morten Jørgensen
Morten Jørgensen
Viking Software

Testing (Your Patience) With Qt Quite a few people finds testing boring. I do, at least. Fortunately Qt delivers a comprehensive framework for automated testing of your Qt code and once you have mastered that, your future will be bright. You will be able to have a computer performing repetitive tests (they are good at repetitive things, them computers) and you will never again have to be afraid of modifying existing code. As an added bonus you will be able to deliver higher quality code faster without fearing regressions for the smallest of changes. “Testing (Your Patience) With Qt” will start with the basics of unit testing with Qt and how to organize your code. Next, the talk will cover basic linear testing as well as data driven testing and how to organize code for testability. Writing your code with testing in mind, increases the benefit of automated testing and you will be given a few ideas on how to do that. Eventually the talk will cover how to avoid redundant testing by mocking classes and providing stubs. Finally the talk will explain how to test classes that consumes network servers and without the need for actual servers. Attendees to this talk, will be able to go back to work and apply the Qt Testing framework and best practices thus starting improving quality immediately. This talk will not cover GUI testing.