Qt & Technical Deep Dive

The Future of QML

C01 6.11.2019 15:00 - 16:00

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Ulf Hermann
Ulf Hermann
The Qt Company

On the way to Qt 6 the QML language and engine face major new challenges and developments. In order to scale down to smaller and smaller devices, the QML language needs to be decoupled from JavaScript and it needs to be compiled ahead of time, with as little run-time loading as possible. In order to address this, a new major version of the language is being drafted. As a result of the changes much of what is currently part of the core QML library – the JavaScript engine including its garbage collector, dynamic compilation of QML, the QML metatype system – will be moved into different modules and/or becomes optional. For simple binding expressions you don’t need a full JavaScript engine, and you shouldn’t have to pay for one. The talk will give an overview of the new architecture as well as the changes to the language. In particular, it will show how bindings can become more lightweight and as public API in Qt Core. It will also show what changes you will need to apply to your QML files in order to actually avoid the usage of JavaScript and to compile them ahead of time.