Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations for Qt World Summit 2017 has closed.

The people who submitted proposals will be contacted as soon as the review committee has gone through the presentation topics.

However please read through this guide before running off to submit your presentation.

Key Dates

Themes and Focus areas

As the theme for Qt World Summit 2017 suggests, the focus of the event will be on the future of software. Recently, Qt received a significant contribution from NVIDIA, and the Qt3D module has seen a lot of improvement. In line with this, we are emphasizing 3D graphics and user interfaces as one main area in our call for presentations.

In the past year Qt has seen strong growth in the automotive segment and embedded devices overall. We are also looking for presentations that dive into all the phases of an embedded devices’ life-cycle, and we would like to hear your views on how Qt is a part of the innovation happening across a variety of industries.

Qt is a cross platform framework, we are also excited about what you have to say about application development, a strong area for Qt. The tooling and SDK in Qt has always been an important part of our story, so that is included in the call.

Software ecosystems are still an important trend in development. Qt can be used to enable your ecosystem or as part of your SDK.

In addition, other areas of interest include automation systems, medical systems and multi-screen applications.

To summarize the above, we are calling for presentations on:

Did we miss something? The latest advancements and improvements in Qt are also welcome as always. You can also submit presentations on any topic related to Qt.

Business track

This year we will be hosting a business track, with presentations that demonstrate the business aspects of Qt in software development.

Program committee and selection criteria

The Program committee includes members from The Qt Company and Qt Partners. The committee will review all submissions and jointly select presentations for the Qt World Summit.

There are many ways to write an abstract, but here are some tips for an easy to read, easy to understand abstract that is sure to win a slot on the Qt World Summit agenda:

The committee will make their decision based on the outlined themes of the event. The committee will also make sure that the selected presentations support a varied and overall diverse spectrum of interesting presentations – both in terms of technical level and focus areas to provide value for event participants.

Session Length

You may propose either a 25 or 50 minute session.


Topics should be of interest to all attendees. The Qt World Summit attracts people from all corners of the Qt community. This year, we can expect technology directors, developers and engineers, as well as business decision makers, product and project managers will be attending the event.

Speaker Benefits

As a speaker, you will receive a Free Access -pass to the Qt World Summit. This is a great opportunity to spread your mindshare and have a community of industry leaders and important software developers hear your message. We will be recording the presentations; speaking at the Qt World Summit will give you an audience that goes beyond the crowd attending your presentation in Berlin. The material from your talk will also be made available to all of the attendees after the event.

We will share your contact and professional details on the Qt World Summit web pages, giving you a large platform to network with anyone interested in your expertise and/or offering.

For more information of if you have any questions, please contact