Justify My Trip

Qt World Summit is the must-attend event of the Qt year in Europe, providing developers with the opportunity to share their expertise, listen to the best in the field, learn best practice, see results in action and try out new ideas in embedded, mobile and desktop environments across the field.
At Qt World Summit you will always learn something new, whether it’s about exciting new technology developments that might impact your own company’s future, or service and product offerings available for developers. The broad subject range pretty much ensures that you will most likely find a solution for problems you may have been been chasing for months.
Qt World Summit Training Day represents a unique opportunity to spend a full day with recognised top experts in the field, focusing on an area you want to investigate or need to develop. With a KDAB training you can quickly get up to speed on the basics, assess your strengths and weaknesses, ask questions and get help where you need it, and all for a fraction of the cost of a full training.
Exhibitors and sponsors at Qt World Summit represent a wide range of technical and product offerings. Here you will find key people to talk to if you need expert advice.
Armed with this boost in productivity, attendees of Qt World Summit will afterwards be able to help their companies to:
  • introduce up-to-date approaches and best practices in all areas of development
  • boost reliability, versatility and sustainability of their product offerings
  • speed up development
  • reach the market faster than the competition
  • keep their developers happy and productive.